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ATB SEVER is one of oldest manufacturers of rotating electrical machines in south-east Europe. In 1923 it started working as a joint stock company, under the name SEVER. During its very rich history, it passed through a series of proprietary, organizational, technological and program changes.The company was privatized in 2005. and became member of the business system ATB Austria and changed its name into ATB SEVER. ATB SEVER has 370 employees today. ATB SEVER Ltd. also owns a factory for mining and energetic machine equipment called ATB FOD Ltd.,which is situated in the city of Bor and has 250 employees.For more than 90 years, ATB SEVER is renowned for its quality and tradition in manufacture of all types of electric motors and generators. Besides development of electric motors and generators, the company developed during the last 45 years other programs as well, in order to offer to the market most advanced and most complex technical solutions of electric motor drive, designed for various applications and energy sources. ATB SEVER has built a reputation as reliable supplier of complete electric equipment and electric engineering services in mining industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, industry and water resources management. The products of ATB SEVER can be found on all continents and more than 50 countries, since export of our products and services exceeds 70%.Today, ATB SEVER manufactures and supplies electric motors designed to meet our clients requests and to comply with most complex technical requirements of electric motor drive in nuclear and thermo-electric power plants, coal and copper open pit minings (excavators, transporters, elevators), underground mines, refineries, oil and gas exploitation platforms, etc. ATB SEVER holds production technologies that allow our products to work equally in most extreme cold conditions (up to – 50°C) and hot, seaside climatic areas.A comprehensive production program, international standards, high quality and technical development provide ATB SEVER with an even better market position in the forthcoming period.

Supplier of:

  • Electric motor components
  • Electric wires, non-insulated
  • Wires, winding, electric motor...
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